Best Material For False Ceiling and Ceiling Installation 

Best Material For False Ceiling

When you create a plan for home interiors, you might find yourself debating whether to go with a drop or a false ceiling. But lately, people electing false ceilings have been on the rise due to the beautiful finish it provides along with, the aesthetic value it provides to living rooms compared to its counterpart. People are choosing false ceilings citing the energy efficiency and effectiveness of keeping the space from excessive heat and cold.

Since people are opting for false ceilings, we are discussing the Best Material For False Ceilings and Ceiling Installation 

What are the different types of False Ceiling

There are different types of false ceilings and it varies according to the materials used, these are the most common ones used on home interiors:

Plaster of Paris false ceilings

Gypsum false ceilings

Wood false ceilings

Fibre false ceilings

Metal false ceilings

Glass false ceilings

PVC false ceilings

Fabric and synthetic leather false ceilings

Best Material for False Ceiling

The best materials for false ceilings are Plaster of Paris and Gypsum. Plaster of Paris, otherwise known as POP is powder gypsum or calcium sulphate mixed with water. POP is cheaper, relative to Gypsum boards, but has no durability and they crack often. Whereas Gypsum boards are more beautiful and give a fine finish on installation, it also has more durability and doesn’t take much labour for setting up. Another important factor is that Gypsum doesn’t have many joints. If you are not on a tight budget, we encourage you to use Gypsum ceilings over POP as they last longer and look the same for a lifetime. 

False Ceiling Installation 

When designing a home, you should always be aware of room size, if you want to install false ceilings to bring visual beauty then avoid putting beams, if there are beams then it will get hard to install false ceilings but is possible if the room is big. When choosing a false ceiling for your interior you need to be also aware of not making any slabs as a loft in rooms as the visual beauty of a false ceiling will be lost. Also, make sure that there isn’t any water leakage as it can destroy false ceilings.

Channels Used For False Ceiling

You can go for any type of false ceiling whether it POP or Gypsum, but what matters is a channel that is made to hold these false ceilings needs to be of the best quality, otherwise, since these boards have a lot of weight there may be chances of the channel bending down.  Also, make sure when buying false ceilings to select reputed companies as their boards carry the same weight on every board and also give lifelong warranty.

Benefits Of False Ceiling 

Apart from adding aesthetical appearance and proportion to interior design, many other benefits are there. 

They can help you hide structural elements, ducts, beams, wiring etc. That mess with the beauty of the space. 

False ceilings can help you from keeping down the heat during these times of global warming. 

They are a great way to reduce eco problems in the hall. 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need false ceilings to keep bacteria away, as they act as antimicrobials. 

They can also act as fire separators. 

You can add a lot of lights to the ceiling and hide wires without interfering with beauty.

Even though there are many advantages to installing a false ceiling in your space, there are a few disadvantages.

A false ceiling can reduce the size of the room by a few inches, so if your space is not tall enough, it is better to avoid it.

Also, they can sag in the long run if the quality of the channel is compromised.

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