The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Home Interior Project: 5 principles you should know.

home interior project
home interior project

What is a Home interior design really about? Is it just placing furniture and wardrobes in order and painting suitable colours on walls or is it about creating an atmosphere that makes you feel alive and safe and in the meantime feels welcoming and comfortable? Achieving this is not a simple task and requires great effort from designers, but most of the time what we see is designers are tied up by the ideas of the clients. There needs to be good chemistry between clients and designers to make a project work out. Here we are discussing 5 principles clients should know before starting a home interior project so that, they can create a space that will be cherished for decades.

Life Is A Balancing Act, Home Interior Project Is To

A neat home interior is all about balance in using space. You have to make sure that every element is complementary to every other user in the interior whether it’s colour, texture, pattern or even using a rug. In the case of colour, it’s like, if you are using a bold colour on one wall of the room then choose other interiors with quiet tones in another part of the room. In the case of fabrics used, to balance a monochromatic room with patterned fabrics, add another textile to a different part of the room with patterned fabrics. Making an object in the interior like a Tv unit the main focus and using small furniture to diverge from it evenly is another example of balance. What this all brings is stability, it’s the most important thing to recognize when creating interiors that last. Create perfect space with Interior designers in Chennai.

Lighting And Color

Lighting and colour are actually a unit of every home interior, why we say, it a unit is because they need to work together in sync so to help elevate the overall mood of the room, so make use of as much natural light as possible and also when choosing colours try colours that make overall feel warm, inviting and cosy. With proper colour and lighting, you can even make the space look larger than they really are. When combining colour and lighting, if there is no scope for natural light then always opt for lamps or fixtures that are not in contrast with the colour of the room and furniture. Before choosing lighting and colour, you need to be clear about the overall mood you want to create in the space.

Contrast Makes You Noticed

Contrast is the most necessary part of interior designing, it adds more power to interiors like when polar opposites are paired together there is a contrast that makes the interior pop.  The creative process for developing this principle can be accomplished using a wide range of media, such as shapes, materials, or textures. By using these elements, you can create beautiful contrasts which bring out the overall style you want to show. Making a thing stand out in space will help all other things also get noticed.

Adding More Layers

If you look at all the wonderful home interiors you have seen, there is a simple factor that makes it stand out that is, there are layers and layers within a space that add more depth and value to the interior. This can simply be obtained by using variant colours, textures and pattern that brings your personality to the interior. Adding layers to a room means covering the room with a variety of elements that blend seamlessly. As a result, the room will have more depth and personality. Layering includes things like lighting, adding wall decor, flooring, windows, and doors. Check out Interior designers in Kochi for more information.

Things Should Be In Proportion

A room is a combination of various things, this included furniture, decor, lighting panels, colour etc. It’s important to notice when putting things in a room you need to look that objects are in alignment with each other, a big bathtub in a small washroom is not a good choice or a small piece of furniture under a tall ceiling makes it look out of proportion. Make sure objects are in perfect proportion with every other object and also room so that you can create a wonderful space.

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