New Trendy Dining Table Set Designs for 2023

The dining area is an integral part of every home, where all the family members can hang out together and eat great food. The dining area differs from home to home some choose large spaces and others do not, but the important thing is there needs to be a dining table set that goes well with the space. When selecting a dining table you need to be aware of the number of people living in the house with additional guests. Lately, there has been a rise in the number of designs for dining table sets available in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for clients to select one for their space. With that in mind, we are giving you  New Trendy Dining Table Set Designs for 2023

Solid Wooden Dining Table Design

Dining Table Set Designs for 2023

Wood has been used to make interior products for millennials, and it continues to be the favourite material when designing home interior products. Solid wood is still in trend, a strong wooden dining table like the above showcases class and at the same time power. At the bottom of the table are thick wooden frames that support the strong wooden top. The chairs have plush foam upholstery making them very warm and cushy without compromising on a luxurious feel. Solid wood like Teak, Mahogany and Rosewood has been the top choice for making long-lasting durable pieces of dining tables.

Granite And Marble Dining Table

marble dining table

If you have enough savings to afford a sophisticated and beautiful dining table, go for a Granite or a marble dining table. These are very strong and durable compared to other materials like glass, wood or plywood. You can play with different designs and themes, if designs and themes match with overall wall and floor pattern then it will look elegant. The only problem with this kind of dining table is that once bought, they are irreplaceable, so choose themes and patterns on the table carefully. But don’t let it stop you from customizing your favourite design or patterns

Transparent Glass Dining Table

interior designers in bangalore
interior designers in Bangalore

Transparent glass at the head dining table is still in fashion in 2023, as they are very cost-effective, easy to transport and clean. They are convenient in rooms with less light as glass surface reflects light and projects more light into the room than there is. They also perfectly fit the dining area with little space and are easy to change positions. If you are sticking with glass dining then a wooden chair will give it a more classy look. These Glass tables are easy to clean, and no need to worry about scratches, there are hundreds of styling options. 

Plywood Dining Table

Plywood is the best cost-effective alternative to traditional solid woods like teak and rosewood, without compromising on durability and classy wood finish. They are often referred to as engineered wood and can be the best bet for small houses with limited space allocated for the dining area. Marine plywood is preferred in grade for its durable nature and superior quality, these plywoods are also called Boiling Water Proof Plywood (BWP) as they can withstand 72-hour exposure to boiling water. To add a more glossy finish to your plywood dining table, add a PVC laminate.

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