How to plant a living home

How to plant a living home: Plants have been a part of our life from the start of human civilization. We have used it as food, medicine, to prevent pollution, and now as an interior designing tool to make homes more lively. Plants have great potential to make interiors look more vibrant with colours, so why stop them in your garden? Let’s welcome plants to the interior and make the house aesthetically more alive. In this article, let’s look at ways to incorporate plants in interior designing and make the home more livable.

Why Decorate House With Indoor plants

In the past, plants were thought of and used only as food and medicine, but numerous studies now indicate indoor plants can alleviate good moods in people. It is also a natural air purifier, so you do not need to spray artificial toxic chemicals to bring fragrance to the house. Let’s not forget looking at plants for some time can relieve you of the stress and anxieties of the day.

What All To Look For When Doing Plant Room Decor

Know your Space

It is important to know how much space you have to play with when it comes to plant room decor, as plants come in different shapes and forms. Some rooms can only accompany small plants, but some can even have long indoor palm plants. If you have vaulted ceilings with a lot of space, you can grow potted trees as well. If you don’t have much space, you can try a plant shelf. 

Check the overall theme of the room. 

Even though every space can have indoor plants, it is better if it goes along with the overall theme of the room. It’s also better to avoid plants if the space is congested and not much walking space is there. 

Containers come in different sizes.

The pot or planter box comes in different sizes and prices, but make sure it matches your interior style and room color. Please also make sure the container is big enough to hold the plant with soil and also has vents for proper drainage. 

Details on Indoor plants

When you are planting indoor plants, it will be an added advantage if you know more details about the plant. For instance, what is the maximum height a plant grows, how much sun and water it needs, is its shade, semi-shade, evergreen etc

Incorporating Artificial Plant In Interior Designs

Artificial plants are another beautiful piece of art you can add to your interior designs easily. There are beautiful artificial plants in the market that look very similar to real plants, and they are cost-effective and easily manageable. The benefits of setting up artificial plants are many, for instance, they are allergy free, require minimum maintenance and you don’t need to give water.  However, there are a few drawbacks like no purifying of air, catching dust easily, and getting dull over time.

Different Types of Houseplants You Can Use at Home

As we have already seen indoor plants come in different sizes, colors, textures, and shapes, so we can play with them according to available space. If you find any part of the room, for example, corners, to be dull, then you can easily add an indoor plant to match the space. 

Indoor palms:

 Areca palm, table palm, yucca, Chinese fan palm, and the sago palm are a few good examples of indoor palms to consider. When buying indoor palm make sure about there is enough space.


Another good variety of plants to incorporate into your indoor garden. They grow very well in warm and humid climates. Jade plant, aloe vera, echeveria elegans are all good.

Hanging plants/vines:

Hanging plants add great visual beauty to the space. You can fill the space with creepers and climbers. heartleaf philodendron, English ivy, pothos, etc brings magic to the living room.

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