Four Pooja Unit Designs For Indian Homes To Make It Beautiful

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Every home in India is not complete without a pooja room, it was like that from antiquity. Indians are very religious people and they always like to allocate some space for worship. Before making space for a pooja room people take into consideration the amount of space available and Vastu and direction of the pooja room. North-east is the best place for a pooja room according to Vastu, if you don’t have space there make it in the west but not south. Now let’s look at Four Pooja Room Unit Designs For Indian Homes.

Pooja Unit Designs For Indian Homes

In the past, there were individual rooms as pooja rooms in most houses, but nowadays people having little space build houses with no separate rooms and instead opt for simple small prayer units. Which can also be transported from one place to another quite easily.

Pooja Unit Designs For Indian Homes

Pergola wall panels

Pergola wall panels help people partition one space from another and use it as a prayer area. This prayer unit can be easily mounted with a wall and can be kept away from Indian middle class living room space. Mostly these panels are kept inside a big room.

pergola wall panels

Small Wall Mounted Altar

Small Wall-mounted altars are not just beautiful but also perfect for religious practices without taking much space. It can easily be mounted to the wall without consuming much space. 

small wall mounted altar

Individual Pooja Room

Some people need individual pooja rooms for their spiritual practices and for them this prayer unit comes with wooden wall paneling and base cabinet and spotlights for decorative purposes. One of the benefits of this type of pooja unit is it doesn’t take up much space and gives a lot of privacy.

individual pooja room
Final Words

Every person has their own views about spiritual practice and your home space needs to be developed accordingly to your views. Don’t try to copy what others are doing and think accordingly to your desire and needs.