Latest And Best Home Interior Designs In Kerala

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Traditional Kerala home interior designs have changed over the decades but still, even with various evolution they still have the appeal of their own, most Kerala houses are built based on the science of carpentry or otherwise called Thatchu Shastra and Vastu shastra. Let’s now look at the latest home interior designs in Kerala.

Traditional Kerala Homes

Traditional homes mostly followed the four-block principle, where four rectangular block structures are linked together with an open courtyard. The same principle is used in eight-block and sixteen-block structures which were commonly built by wealthy families in the past. These houses are mostly built with wood. Most of these houses are built facing east or west according to Vastu shastra. Most of these houses need a large plot and have a lot of space on the veranda, lots of plants and trees were very common near the house. Air will be passing through the house easily and since facing east or west a lot of sunlight is also available inside the house. These houses didn’t have much interior other than things made of wood.

Materials Used For Building

Materials used in building are the clay, stones, red stones, timber, or mahogany woods used to do interior works. Interior rooms like the bedroom and pooja room were made of these woods. 

Modern Home With Traditional Touch

People who have nostalgia for the past want to recreate when building homes by mixing both modern and traditional styles together. In the modern house, they will incorporate traditional styles like the sloping roof, long pillars, mini courtyard, etc.

Kerala Modern Homes Interior 

home interior designs in kerala

Keralites are preferring modern homes instead of traditional ones cause of cost and maintenance charges, another factor people prefer modern homes is the cause of less dust and cleanliness. 

Modern Homes come with a modular kitchen which saves a lot of space in the kitchen with a lot of storage. There will be a lot of cabins and shelves for storage.

Another thing used in Modern homes is false ceilings with lights which bring visual beauty to the room. 

Materials Used For Modern Homes Interior

Base materials used for interiors are Marine plywood, UPVC board, mica lamination, gypsum board, Hettich kitchen accessories, etc.