Home Interior Designers In Trivandrum

AGAC Interiors the best interior designer Trivandrum was given the opportunity by MR. ANANTHU from Trivandrum to build beautiful interior design for his dream home. Ananthu was in need of a great living space, so the whole family could hang out. A kitchen with good space and storage, And a Beautiful bedroom to rest and sleep well. We ran with this great opportunity to prove why we were the best Home interior designers in Trivandrum.

Foyer Home Interior Design

Best interior designers in Trivandrum
Home Interior Designers In Trivandrum
Best home interiors

The foyer area is your opportunity to make guests fall in love with your house. We worked with a sofa and gave it a grey color and in the center, we placed a small coffee table and a small money plant was placed to give it a more natural look, the sofa is placed near a window so a lot of air and sunlight will come in.

we provided wooden ceilings and gypsum ceilings that made the home interior more vibrant and classy look. The dining table and chairs in the dining area matched with colors of the ceilings and dining room in general.

Modular Kitchen Interior Trivandrum

Modular Kitchen trivandrum
Modular kitchen interiors
 Living room interior trivandrum
dinning area view interior designs
kitchen interior trivandrum

The kitchen interiors were made in such a way that there was a lot of space to move around and work. We provided a breakfast counter that will help with easily eating light meals on go. Architrave base, wall cabinets, kitchen accessories, and kitchen appliances were all given.

Bedroom Home Interior

The bedroom home interiors were minimal without wasting much space. cot, wardrobes, and dressing units were all set up.